Tizita Addmmse's Diary

Model Interview
Whats your name? My name is Tizita .. I also go by the name Karimela (amharic for SOFT-CANDY), and my friends also call me Jessica, and Miss Ethio Princess

What is your ethnicity? African/ Ethiopia

Where would we find you hanging out in you home town or while away at school? You will find me in the malls shopping for shoes

Are in school? No, not at the moment; am taking a break but will return next semester

How did you get started in modeling? My mother gave me the inspiration

So what are your exact measurements for those readers who want to know (Bust Waist Hips)? My Breast size is 32, my waist is 26, and my hips are 46

So my stats are 32 - 26 - 46

How long where you modeling for? For about a year now

What are your future goals in modeling? To achieve notoriety via magazines eg MAXIM, and television, and to acquire a big success with Modeling

What would you be doing now if you weren't modeling? Working at typical 9-5

Of course, the question we've been dying to ask you is? are you all-natural? Of course yes. I am 100% Natural

What's the most favorite and least part of your body? My eyes are the most favorite, and my arms are my least favorite

What do you do in your spare time? I like to go Shopping and see Movies

So, what kind of girl were you in high school? I was an Overachiever

What do you look for in a guy? I look for Personality

What would be your biggest turn on? Politeness

What will be your Biggest turn off? Smokers

What's your favorite sport? Badminton

So tell us Karimela,What puts you in a sexy mood? I would say a romantic evening with soft tunes, slow dancing,puts me in a sexy mood

What kind of outfits do you get to wear? I like to wear outfits that show off my sexy physique, but yet tasty.

What is the one thing that nobody knows about you? This may sound strange but I have a feet fetish. I will be showing a lot of my sexy feet right here on Fashionglama, so if you like to see a sexy girls feet, then stay tuned...
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