Eyaluta Seifu's Diary

Model Interview

Whats your name? My name is Eyaluta Seifu

Where are you from? Washington DC

What is your ethnicity? African / Ethiopian

Where were you born? Ethiopia

Are you in school? Yep! I am a College student; a sophomore at ---- University

So what are your exact measurements for those readers who want to know? My Breasts size is 36 DD, my Waist size is 26 , and my Hips are 38 inches

Where would we find you hanging out in your home town or while away at school? You would find me at work or with my beautiful nephews!

Do you want to model professionally? If given the chance I would in a heart beat! I thank FASHIONGLAMA for discovering me. Cause without them, I would not be here today, and you wont be reading my interview.

How did you get started in modeling / photo shoots? I did a fashion show last year then got started in taking pictures with fashionglama through my friend.

What are your biggest accomplishments so far? I would say making good grades in College..Its tough. I am also working on a starting my own small business,and I still go to church..lol

What are your future goals in modeling? To become a Cover Girl ! lol

Tell us about where you grew up? I pretty much grew up in VA. I went to a Christian school down there so I just say I grew up there.

What kind of girl were you in high school? The one that was always on her own. I had it my way or no way.But I tried really, really hard to be good. I was good..well..kinda. I don't know! Call my teachers and ask them ! (lol)

What's your favorite food? FOOD ? Fried rice with chicken... Hmmmmm

Are you currently single? Who wants to know lol..Yeah am single

What do you look for in a guy? Someone who will spoil me!

What kind of outfits do you like to wear? Sweatpants and a tight tee shirt; I think it's cute!

Of course, the question we've been dying to ask you is: are you all-natural? If you are asking about my breasts; YES they are real.every bit of the 36DD. Everything about me is real!

What's your favorite sport? I love Basketball, soccer, football

* * Now, lets get into some intimate stuff about you Miss Eyaluta... * *

Do you prefer thongs or panties? Thongs. I have a big butt (lol) and and panties gives me pantylines sometimes.

Do you shave my hair down there? Yes, I like to shave it completely bald. Plus, it makes it easier for my man to find my g-spot when hes down there

Do you watch porn? Sometimes....If it heightens my man's arousal, and makes the sex better, then its quite alright by me. Let me just put it this way; I'll do whatever it takes to make my man happy.

Do you always need a guy to please you? I can please myself anytime. When my man is not around to please me, I can find other ways to please myself

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? No I haven't. When I am dating a guy, I am always faithful to him. He gets to enjoy all of me 100%

Ever tongue kissed a girl? once... My BFF was drunk one day and we just did it..lol

Favorite sex position and why?
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