Belean Getachew's Diary

Model Interview

Hi there, whats your name My name is aka Blaine

What is your ethnicity? Ethiopia

How did you get started in modeling? I love taking pictures, so it was easy

How long where you modeling for? I would say for less than a year now..

What are your exact measurements so your fans can know? My breasts are 34 B, my waist is 24 and my hips are 36

Of course, the question we've been dying to ask you is? are you all-natural? Yes I am

The quickest way to my heart is? Can't give direction yet, because the road to my heart is under construction.

Is it hard balancing your school work and modeling? Not at all

What would you be doing now if you weren't modeling? I would be in the studio recording

What do you do in your spare time? Clubbing and of course hangout with the Fam

What kind of girl were you in high school? The kind that when to school ( lol)..But no..I was a good girl

What's your favorite food? Kanta Ferfer

Are you currently single? Hmm..I plead the "5th"( lol)

What do you look for in a guy? Someone who is nice like me

What would be your biggest turn on and turn off? The biggest turn off is a guy being too available, and the biggest turn on is a challenge

What is the one thing nobody knows about you?
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