Faridah Wanjiku's Diary

Model Interview

Hi there, whats your name ? My name is Fridah Wanjiku

Where are you from? I am from Newport

What is your ethnicity? African....

Where were you born? Nairobi Kenya

Tell us about where you grew up I grew up in the suburbs of Nairobi Kenya. You have to see it for yourself but life in Kenya was the best!!. Sorrounded by family and friends who encourage me. I went to school in the city so i'm a city girl. A lot of outrageous adventures like... The African safari in the Serengeti...I loved going to the white sands beach in Mombasa..climbing the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro....and Helping my grandmother in the coffee farm in the country side. The best moments of my life

Where would we find you hanging out in you home town or while away at school? Probably at the local mall, in da club, library..i'm all rounded...or at a pool somewhere. There's always something to do and people to see

Are in school? Yes I attend--------University Going for nursing degree...with Public health. My goal is to work for the United Nations in the future.

How did you get started in modeling? Well....pple use to make fun of me for being skinny while in Africa...when i came to the states pple admired that!...i figured i could make use of my talent...and exotic look

How long where you modeling for? We can say for 2 yrs now.

What are your biggest accomplishments so far? I did a couple school fashion shows..and a fashion show in Norfolk...I am not stopping though...ask me the same question in a couple of months, I bet my answer would be different.

Is it hard balancing your school work and modeling? School is my number 1....so far no but am hoping as I get into modeling more, I will keep up with my school.

What are your future goals in modeling? I would like to appear in magazines...videos movies..and travel the world

What would you be doing now if you weren't modeling? Probably doing volunteer work around the world..Like Darfur maybe??

Of course, the question we've been dying to ask you is? are you all-natural? Silicone free..baby!!...no surgery and definitely no botox

What cup size are you right now? im barely a C....higher B i can say

So what are your exact measurements for those readers who want to know? 34C-26-35

Explain to our readers why they should recognize you? Im not your average girl. I have attitude; the right kind of attitude towards fashion and modeling and life in general. and of course with my East African roots...i don't even have to open my mouth..beautiful models like Iman, Liya, Yasmin...say it all

What's the most favorite and least part of your body? I love my whole body...my breasts are perky too..

What do you do in your spare time? If I'm not chilling with my girlfriends, am probably shopping. Hit the club and flaunt myself. Yes, i like to look good, and I've been called a tease before.I get time to hit the books too.

What kind of girl were you in high school? The foreign girl...yes I spoke English when i came from Africa!..lol

What's your favorite food? Indian cuisine...almost like Kenya food spicier though

Are you currently single? Depend who tryna holler at me..( juuust kidding )

What do you look for in a guy? Of course we have to look good together....I like someone who is funny..not goofy. Compassionate, stylish..a good dancer..nice smile and last but not least, Intelligent..not a nerd but someone that knows what the hell is going on!

What would be your biggest turn on and turn off? Turn on is confidence no matter what...
Turnoff would be arrogance, ignorance,..and "know it all" attitude.

So, what puts Miss Fridah in a sexy mood?
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