Seblework 's Diary

Model Interview

Whats your name? My name is Seblework, but my friends call me Sale or Khat

Where are you from? I'm originally from West Virginia, but I also reside in Houston TX

What is your ethnicity? African / Ethiopian

Are you in school? Yep! I attend WVU and I am majoring in Political Science

So what are your exact measurements for those readers who want to know? My Breast size is 32 b , my Waist is 28 , and my Hips are 35 inches

So Seble,are you all natural? Yes. I am 100% Natural

Whats your favorite food? I love Gored Gored...HMMM..soo good. That always brings back my childhood days when my mummy made the best Gored Gored.

OH WOW !!..Sounds delicious already..So what exactly is Gored Gored ?
It is made by dipping morsels of beef in "awaze", a traditional sauce of ground pepper, honey wine, butter and spices. Am getting hungry already thinking about

So tell us Seble, where would we find you hanging out in your home town or while away at school? Probably at the mall, or spending time with my cousins

Are you currently single? Yes I am

What puts you in a sexy mood miss Sable? hmmm..I would say slow music, a candle light dinner, and roses...

What do you hope to achieve this year? To finish college with a 3.75 GPA..

What What is the one thing that you can do without? hmm..God, my ipod, my cell phone, facebook, and twitter

* * Now, lets get into some intimate stuff about you Miss Seble... * *

Do you prefer thongs or panties? I prefer thongs.. I don't like pantylines

Do you shave my hair down there? omg..of course I do... Yes I like to be completely bald down there

Do you watch porn? No I don't

Do you always need a guy to please you? hmmm.. No..I know how to please myself too...

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? No.. I am very faithful girl, and will always be faithful boyfriend (when I find him)..haha

Ever tongue kissed a girl? Just a sleep over party when I was younger

Favorite sex position?
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