Liya Afa's Diary

Model Interview

Whats your name? My name is Liya aka Estub Suki Afa

Where are you from? I share my time between Miami Florida and Washington DC

What is your ethnicity? African / Ethiopian

Are you in school? Yep! I attend College but I am taking off for a semester to relocate.

So what are your exact measurements for those readers who want to know? My Breast size is 32 DD , my Waist is 26 , and my Hips are 36 inches

So Liya,are you all natural? Yes. I am 100% Natural

Whats your favorite food? I love Pasta (angel hair)

Where would we find you hanging out in your home town or while away at school? Chilling with my girlfriends in jeans and tee shirt

Are you currently single? Yes I am

What puts you in a sexy mood miss Liya? Candle lights, red wine, and a sensual massage

Do you want to model professionally? I haven't really thought about it, but I am open for anything

What do you hope to achieve this year? To do good in college..

* * Now, lets get into some intimate stuff about you Miss Liya... * *

Do you prefer thongs or panties? I prefer panties; I really love lingerie from Victorias Secrets Pink collection. I love the way they hug my butt. sometimes I wear thongs(like when I have on some really tight pants or spandex). Sometimes though. I prefer nothing at all.. Yes I don't wear panties sometimes...shhhh

Do you shave my hair down there? hmm..., I like my pubes trimmed and tidy. I do however shave it all off (bikini wax) during the summer time since I go to the swimming pool and beach quite often. So yes right now, I am completely bald down there.. Wanna see ? (lol)

Do you watch porn? Not really....Maybe a few times when I was 16 yrs old; my elder brother forgot a tape in the vcr once... It was embarrasing.
I am the kind of girl that prefers the real know...

Do you always need a guy to please you? hmmm.. I know how to please myself, and as a girl, you have to. I will always prefer to be pleased by a good strong man anyday though.

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? Never.... when I am committed to a relationship, I give it 100%. I'll give him my mind, my body and my soul if he's deserving of it.

Ever tongue kissed a girl? No I have never tried that before, but I wont mind trying it sometime. I guess it depends on how pretty the girl is

Favorite sex position?
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